Paintings / Assemblage Art by M. May       page 1                      { Click on any image to enlarge }                              Home                                    All are done in acrylic paint and may include sand, glass, shells, stone, and other materials.

               Javelinas After Dark 11.5"x9"                 


(For photos of Javelinas  see Wildlife

                  Javelina Trail  20 x 16     (click any to enlarge)    


                                                      Stargazers 8 x 10 


                     Sea Look 20 x 16  


                                                         They Prefer to Run  


                   Desert Survival  20"x16" 



                                                     Desert Wash 12 x9                                                                                                                                               

(For desert related pages within this website see gabions for soil and water conservation and desert plant restoration)


                               Rabbit Land 20" x 16"


                                        Rabbits in Flight 10.5"x12"


      Sea Section  16 x 20       closeup 

                                                                        Click any to enlarge


             Snowbird 20"x16"        




                            Bird Walk   12" x 9"      



                               Night and Day  12 x 9


                                                                           Stream Travelers  11"x8.5"


      Looks Like a Duck 12"x 9"             

                                                                               (click any to enlarge)

                       Autumn 20"x16"


                          Fiesta Bird 9"x7" On glass          



        Rabbit Arc 10"x7.5"                     



                                    Watchful Rabbits  10.5"x9" attached frame 


                                                         Happiness 10" x 8"      




Racing Ducks        Going Home 


      Sunday Ride 20" x 16" detail


                            Seaside 12 x 9             




                                            Roadrunners (computer+)            


            Sea Ducks (computer+) 

                                                                      Blue Valley (computer+)  


       Untitled (computer+)  


                   Nest Builder 12"x9"       details  


                          Compassion 20 x 16 

                              Blue Islands 18"x14" 


                 Aliens 16"x12"                      (click any to enlarge)

                                                           Rock Valley 10.5 x 8.5      


                           Escape  9.5" x 7.5" 



                                                        Love Bird 12"x9" 


 El Tour de Rabbit Land     


                                               Mountain Glow (computer+)    

    Night Sky (computer +)        Navy Teal (computer+) 


                          See Petite Art

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